Short Video of Carney’s Fans

A short video from some fans that visited Carney’s.

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Awesome Carney’s Video

The show Bring Napkins recently came out to Carney’s and filmed a really cool video. They also discuss “the coolest street on the planet”, Sunset Blvd. Check it out!  

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All Aboard!

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99 Cent Chef Overindulges At Carney’s

The 99 Cent Chef decided to take advantage of Carney’s Happy Hour, and take advantage he did! Check out this funny video.

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L.A. Is What You Make It

This video by The Partners Trust  discusses what Los Angeles can offer you.  It also goes inside Carney’s, and chats with owner, John Wolfe.  Pretty cool stuff! “L.A. is exactly what you make it; nothing more, nothing less.” Make it more by visiting Carney’s. You’ll be glad you did.

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So-Cal’s Best Video of Carney’s Train, History, Food.

Really interesting video from So-Cal’s Best! Owner, John Wolfe, explains the history of Carney’s. He also shows off the awesome train, and we get to see the delicious food, too!

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Sheldon Geeks Out For Carney’s!

Did you happen to see this sweet mention of Carney’s on The Big Bang Theory? We think Sheldon is wise when he says if you don’t like “Train Day”, apparently you hate fun.

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Awesome Carney’s TV Spot!

Here’s a video from the TV show “Cheap Eats”, featuring Carney’s history, the making of & the eating of our delicious food! As one of the hosts of the show, Stephen Solomon, says, “Oh, the aroma is like perfume!” We agree!

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Carney’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

Here’s a video from last year at Carney’s hot dog eating contest. Funny stuff!

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