Awesome Carney’s Fan Pic

This picture was submitted by Michael Fishman.  Thanks, Michael! :)


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Happy Tummy, Happy Night!

Annie wrote a very nice review about her trip to Carney’s on Sunset.

CarneysTrainatnight“Awesome hot dogs! Very nice cooks/staff.”
5 of 5 starsReviewed January 29, 2014

“It was 11 p.m. and we had come out of a play at the Pantages and we were so hungry because we missed dinner. This looked interesting like an old train boxcar. When we pulled up and saw it was hamburgers and hot dogs we hesitated because it was so late and we were thinking the spicy chili on the food would keep us up but we were tired and hungry so we tried it. We each got a hot dog and added onions, mustard, chili, cheese and sauerkraut. My husband must have had a brain freeze because he never adds sauerkraut or chili to anything and as we looked at the food we thought…we are going to pay for this later by eating a ton of TUMS. I had a glass of Chardonnay and the glass was really little but the man behind the counter filled it to the top.

We ate the hot dogs and they were so good and the fries that came with it were so good, too! We looked around and more people were coming in though it was near midnight. Some were dressed elegantly and some just normal but everyone was getting those chili dogs or hamburgers which looked awesome like an In and Out Burger.

We looked at each other and decided to get a second one each and when I said I wanted another glass of wine one man told the other to fill my glass “to the top”! Ha!

We did not need any TUMS and had zero heartburn. Slept great. Will definitely go back!”

No TUMS is a great thing, we agree! We’re glad you had a great experience at Carney’s, Annie. Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Throwback Thursday Carney’s Review

Throwback Thursday Fan Recognition from 2011! :) Pilar B. filled us in on her Sunset Strip Carney’s trip. Check it out.


“How many times did I go up and down Sunset and see this big a$$ yellow train? Must have been a lot of times that I’ve missed the train.  Well anyways, so I craved a hot dog and remembered this place.  SOOO I looked up their website to see what is on their menu (something I do prior to eating at establishments) and off I went.

I was a little excited because I thought the train was super cool, you know the whole ambiance thing. I don’t know call me stuck in a (theme-like mind) but whatever, I liked it.

I tried the Spicy Style and the Carney’s hot dogs.  Both were delicious!  I totally forgot about the frozen chocolate dipped banana, therefore, I must return for my next train ride :)

Parking is in the rear (thank goodness) especially being on Sunset.  All menu items are affordable (for my budget that is) and the staff are friendly.  It does get packed because after I ordered and sat down, a grip load of people arrived.”


You can read the original review here.  Thanks, Pilar! :)

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Carney’s Fun!



carneysemployee2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACarneysFun

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Carney’s Loyal Fan Review

Carney's Sunset StripFan recognition time! Carney’s fan, Maegan, proves to be very loyal in her choice of restaurants. Here’s her Yelp review:

“I don’t know why everyone always raves about Pink’s. F**k Pink’s. If you want the best hotdog in LA you go to Carney’s. I love the fact that it’s a train car. My favorite location is the one on Sunset by Saddle Ranch. I used to live in LA and after going out on Friday and Saturday nights I’d come here when the late night munchies hit. My personal favorite to order here is Chicagoan with the burgers though I always order the double cheese burger without the chili. The fries always taste hot and fresh, like they’re so good you don’t care that you’re burning your tongue and fingers eating them. If you’re looking for some great late night food and don’t feel like Mel’s or Pink’s I’d recommend here. It’s a must anytime I make it back to LA.”

Thanks so much for the support, Maegan! :)

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Short Video of Carney’s Fans

A short video from some fans that visited Carney’s. :)

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The Wolfe Brothers

These smiling faces probably look very familiar. They are the Wolfe Bros. aka co-owners of Carney’s! They carry on the tradition that their dad started way back in 1975.



Here’s Bill. He’s at the Studio City location!

You'll see John at the Sunset Strip location

You’ll see John at the Sunset Strip location!

CarneysTrainsNext time you stop by Carney’s, say hi to these guys.  They love what they do, they’re great at it, and it really shines through with the amazing food they serve every day. :)

Pic credit: Paul Baraka and Sonia Frieder

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Carney’s Super Bowl Snacks!

Carneys SignCarneys Dog

Are you ready for some football?! Whether you’re having a party, BBQ, or just chilling at home watching the big game, Carney’s food will make it an even better experience! Grab some hot dogs, Angus burgers, chili cheese fries & more, then root for your favorite team. Awesome!!  Just be sure to get enough to share with your friends. ;)





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Carney’s Taco Tuesday!

Carney's Soft Tacos

Carney’s Soft Tacos

Come over to Carney’s on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 from 12pm-4pm for a killer deal on our amazing soft tacos (your choice of beef or chicken): 2 for only $4.00Code word: Real Deal. They really are tasty, so give it a shot! :)



So good!

So good!

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Carney’s Grammys Sunday Special

Who’s excited for the Grammys? We are, so we’re offering a great deal! Come in to Carney’s on Sunday, January 26, from 5-8pm and get 20% off to go orders. Offer not valid on raw product. Code word “yummy“! Come get your delicious food before the show & enjoy both!



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