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THE FOUNDERS john & pat

This Sunday we celebrate the family adventure since December 28, 1975. Carneys is now beginning it’s 40th year of operation. None of this would be possible without the vision and sacrifice of John and Pat Wolfe who risked everything to open a hamburger/hot dog stand inside of a train car. Thanks to the continued support of our customers, Carneys has become an icon and a mainstay in the Los Angeles restaurant industry.

Thank You, your patronage is greatly appreciated!


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  1. Saw your review on Cooking Channel and South Orange County needs a Carney’s. Please think about it.

  2. Matt Cooke says:

    A staple in the SoCal diet. I’d kill for a New Yorker and fries right now. #californiadreamin

  3. Hans says:

    “Double Burger, mustard, relish, onions and xtra chilli on the side!

    “Your hair has gotten gray:) I miss those good ol’ days at the train. I still need the recipe for the chili, that’s the stuff that comes in those big cans. Living in France now and the people here know absolutely nutnn about chili.

    Hello guys, Your old friend Hans here. YOUR VERY FIRST CUSTOMER!!! big f…..g chili dog and I watched your whole train wagon being hoisted into place!
    Have bought any BMW motorbikes in Europe lately?? I’m often wondering how the brothers are fairing, so I decided to click and see. Glad to see you do well.
    I’m about to open a ‘eat cafe’ in Paris, together with my Californian partner Kate, and we would appreciate your help on the great chili recipe.

    Many thanx already and say hello to whomever is still around from the beginning years.

    Happy New Year & Regards,


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